2015 Toyota Highlander

2015 Toyota Highlander 70,000 miles. Time to change oil, what weight of oil to use?

Dan , that is in your owners manual .


The oil cap will reflect the viscosity of oil to use,



As others said…look at the owners manual or the oil cap.

0W-20 is the recommended oil. It’s a synthetic oil.

It seems Dan got the same answers this time just like he did last May when he asked what oil to use in another vehicle . Are people really that helpless ?


The short answer - YES. We get people here all the time asking questions that can be easily answered if they read their owners manual. At least once a month we get a question on what should I inflate my tires to.

It’s not just auto-related stuff that many folks seem to be unaware of. In the semi-useless Nextdoor forum, people continually ask questions such as:

What is this very strange-looking animal that I saw on my surveillance camera video?
The usual response is… raccoon.



Do they receive polite answers or are they told to go read a book?

They are usually given the cyber equivalent of reading a book, namely a link to pics of the animal in question and information on that… exotic… creature.

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Hi Dan:
The Toyota maintenance guide for your car can be found at:

The weight of oil to use is located around page 56.
As others have noted, it is 0w-20.

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Professional mechanics would probably know the answer to the OP’s query offhand. But OP probably doesn’t understand that the regulars who post here are not all professional mechanics, and only know the oil numbers for their own cars. I see no harm asking though.