2015 Toyota Highlander - cruise control while towing

Should you use cruise control pulling a 3500 lb cam pry?

Sure, why not? But is your Toyota equipped for that load?
You need to consult your owners manual on load capacity and whether or not to use overdrive.

Even though the 2015 Highlander is an excellent vehicle for moving people around town, it has plenty of capability as a cargo vehicle. Again, looking at how much can the 2015 Highlander haul is split apart in the cargo area of the discussion. With three rows of seats, the act of hauling cargo is more than a little flexible with the 2015 Toyota Highlander. With all three rows up and open for passengers, there is just a little under 14 cubic-feet of space to use. Folding away the third row gives owners 42.3 cubic-feet; and putting away the second row gives a maximum of 83.7 cubic-feet.

Being able to tow, is another function to think about when considering how much can the 2015 Highlander can haul. Base trim versions of the full-size SUV can tow up to 1,500 pounds. Moving up to the LE Plus grade does two things. First, it is the start of the V-6-powered versions of the Highlander. Two it pushes up the towing capacity to 2,000 pounds. For the most towing capacity available for the 2015 Highlander, XLE and Limited Trims are available to interested buyers. These versions can move up to 5,000 pounds. However, this isn’t like the lower models that simply punch a hole in the bumper for a ball hitch. The upper trims of the Highlander have the towing prep package that features an upgraded radiator and engine cooler with a special fan coupling and 150-amp alternator.

The RV web sites recommend cruise only on reasonably flat stretches of highways . They say don’t use in hilly areas and also say to lock out overdrive so the transmission will not search for the proper gears too much.