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2015 Toyota Corolla - Whines

Transmission whines at all speeds when I ease up on the gas pedal slightly then stops when the pedal is let up or pushed down slightly.

You sure its the trans? Oftentimes the power steering pump is a first stop when you hear whining. If allowed to run low on fluid…the power steering pump will then “Aerate” the fluid…these tiny air bubbles cause the gear pump to whine loudly.

See if the whining is associated with engine speed and steering wheel angle…if so…the above is the cause.

If its the tranny… you need to check its fluid level etc…as the trans is another hydraulic pump of sorts and subject to the same phenomenon as the venerable gear pump of the power steering. Same philosophy

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2009+ Corollas have electric power steering. The noise could still be steering related but it could also be the alternator or water pump. It may even be the transmission. Hard to localize over the internet.

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Oh jeez ! LOL… Shows how much I pay attention sometimes… sorry bout that @davepsinbox_157004.

It could be the steering but the reason I mentioned that was all related to gear driven hydraulic pumps…sure your steering system can make noises, but they tend to be much different noises indeed. So ignore my idea bout power steering…it was all good advice, just not for your application…lol

Hey if you say its the tranny, then we have to believe you… remember what I said about pumps making noise when low on fluid? Same applies to the tranny…which is a fancy hydraulic pump. Check its fluid level by whatever means Toyota has, by this day and age, removed from your easy grasp.

Used to be a dipstick for engine and trans… today? Not so much… so hopefully you have a dipstick and can easily check trans fluid level, color and smell. Let us know.

Hey, I wouldn’t know if I didn’t own a Corolla myself. Power steering noise is still a possibility, just not low fluid.

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