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2015 Toyota Corolla - Can I wait 1 year for oil?

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No Dollar General oil??

It’s no dollar general, but Walmart sells full synthetic 0W20 oil for a really cheap price, and it’s highly rated, does the brand name on the bottle really matter?

I learned to check it, while it was warm, after giving the oil a few minutes to settle.

The gas pump, after swiping your credit card, punching in your zip code, confirming if you want a receipt and engaging the pump to auto flow, always seems like a great time to me.

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When I am home I do my check’s once every week or so before I go anywhere but if I take a road trip I try to check at a coffee stop to give it time to cool down a little or a fuel stop whatever come’s first.

I don’t remember the vehicle but someone posted about one that the manual said to wait 15 minutes after driving for the oil level check to be accurate.

As long as it meets the spec, brand [almost] does not matter.
I use SuperTech from WalMart for years, it is indeed a good quality oil by Warren Distribution.
You will find it under other “store brand” labels too.