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2015 Town & Country Key Does Not Open Lock

Greetings Community,

My 2015 Town and country was broken into a few months back and the door handle/lock fixture seemed as if it was pulled out from the door a bit. I finally noticed a couple weeks ago that when using the key to unlock/lock the door from the outside it is no longer functioning. Power locks from the remote still works but the key just loosely turns back and forth doing nothing.

Any Suggestions will help.

The interior door panel needs to be removed to inspect for damage. Best case, the push nut holding the lock arm is gone and the rod is just hanging there. Worst case, the lock cylinder is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Did you talk to your insurer about this? Depending on your policy, they may cover a fix, or at least part of it.

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Good suggestion. If the OP has comprehensive.