2015 subaru impreza can the control arm bushings be replaced without replacing the whole control arm?

I just wanted some clarification on this. My mechanic said that with bad control arm bushings they have to replace the whole control arm assembly and yet I have seen some indications online that the bushings can be both purchased and replaced without needing a whole new assembly. What is the truth here? because If these can be replaced independently it will save me a lot of money on the repair. I dont know enough about auto to know for certain one way or another and wanted some clarification before I make a decision.

First of all I am jealous . You have your own mechanic . But if you don’t like what you are told then you get a second opinion .

RockAuto sells them.



The bushings are cheap, the labor to install them is not.

Often it is cheaper to replace the entire arm rather than press ot the old bushings and press in new bushings.

Only an estimate will say for sure which is cheaper.