2015 RAM 2500 fault codes

New (used) 2015 RAM 2500 Cummins 4x4. Over 70k miles.

First night home, check engine light comes on.

FAULT: 05 PEND: 02

P2228 01/07
P1193 02/07
P0102 05/07

Light not on next morning when I start it. Drive around all day. No light. Seemingly no performance problems. Drive for an hour through small hills, neighborhoods, highway, etc. No light.

Go on a 3 mile drive after it’s cooled off and light comes on again.

Then the next morning, drive it for 90 minutes and it never comes on.

Take to dealer, they can’t reproduce. Light won’t come on. Finally, a week later, they say they got “some codes” but don’t know how to fix them. Great sign, right? They take it to another dealer.

Anyone have similar codes a 2500 diesel w/ similar mileage?

I don’t own one of these trucks, but I can diagnose the likely problem based on what you posted.

OK, so you have the ability to read codes. If you took the time to search each of the 3 codes you had and look for the cause of the codes that is common to each of the 3 codes, you’d find what I did.

poor electrical connection

Think about this a second. You have phantom, erratic codes that come and go. What do you think all this says? There is a loose or corroded connection in the engine wiring harness or a wire has damaged insulation. Good luck finding it, it will be difficult, but at least you have someplace to start looking.

Thanks mustangman. It does sound like that. The Dodge mechanic took a look and decided it is the turbo actuator. I guess we’ll see.

Your experience seems to contradict this:

If the turbo actuator had an issue, wouldn’t you have less power? You’d surely notice that, right? If you are paying for the turbo actuator, I’d be asking the mechanic the question I just asked. If it is on their dime, sure go ahead and replace it.

I don’t know if I would have noticed. This is a used truck I just purchased. Traded in my F-150 gas for this diesel. Not really sure what to expect out of how the 2500 feels on the road. The dealership I bought the Ram 2500 from is footing the bills for the repairs.

Excellent! Let 'em change anything they want! New parts are good parts!