2015 Prius v Entune Premium display freezes

The Entune display, reportedly manufactured by Panasonic and located in the center of our brand new Toyota Prius v, freezes frequently and periodically greys out various applications (Navigation, Web Address, etc.). The GPS location also jumps around (moving several miles instantaneously while the car is parked), some parts of the display are usually unresponsive and freeze and release unpredictably. Although owners have for months publicly posted complaints and reported returning their vehicles repeatedly to dealers (one stating that he has been waiting three months for a solution to the problem, while another is suggesting legal action), the only remedy offered appears to be a software update, which was applied to our vehicle today and accomplished nothing. There are several videos displaying the problems posted to priuschat.com. Our dealer claims to have no knowledge of any problem and cannot find any relevant Technical Service Bulletin (TSB), although one online poster cited TSB T-TT-0336-15. Mere mortals have no access to TSBs, so does anyone out there have a copy of this one?

Take it to toyota there is a audio software update to fix this issue.

The TSB describes the problem as being caused by temperature.

The fix is to replace the head unit with an updated head unit from Panasonic.


The software update Steve mentioned was released in Dec 2014.

Tech Tip TT-T0336 April, 2015 states the following;

Some vehicles may experience an intermittently inoperative navigation/radio touch screen following a hot or cold soak. The only way that the customer is able to recover touch screen operation is to cycle the ignition or reboot the head unit.

If this condition is found, stop the diagnosis and follow the instructions below.
This issue is currently under investigation.
 Please create a TAS case and contact Technical Assistance

The bulletin continues but this is enough information. You can return and have them investigate the problem or wait for Toyota to come up with a solution. I would just wait and let them toy with someone else’s car for a solution.

TSB T-TT-0336-15 was issued by Toyota on March 24th, 2015.


The audio software update was tried and failed. It made no difference. I suspect a hardware/firmware failure at Panasonic that Toyota is slow to address. Thanks, Tester, for the TSB excerpt and the additional information. The dealership is opening a case with Toyota on this. I’ll post updates as this progresses.

The dealership contacted Toyota. The problem is acknowledged by the company, and the solution will be a new audio head unit with a software upgrade that the manufacturer must install - it is unavailable to dealers. The car is can be driven without the use of the Entune. The new unit will take approximately two weeks to arrive, so there won’t be any updates until it gets here and is installed.

One example of why I would never buy a car with such a system. although that is getting more difficult every year as more and more models come standard with this.

They are often the prime reason why CR gives a model a poor reliability rating.