2015 Nissan Frontier - Heat is weak

Heat don’t work if going down highway heat will come out but in city driving no heat just luke warm air.

I am guessing you are asking a question and not just letting us know.
check the coolant level when engine is cooled down. if it is low, you might have a leak that needs to be addressed. add coolant to proper level and have it checked out by a reliable mechanic. if it is at the proper level you might have air in the system that needs to be bled out.
now if you were just venting… then I am sorry to hear you are going to have a very cold winter driving.


Other possibilities are:
1: faulty thermostat
2: restricted heater core or
3: malfunctioning blend door or actuator


Thank you having it check out on Friday

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Make sure the fan is running. Had not much cold air at stop lights, but fine on the highway. Turned out the fan was not working and a replacement variable resister fixed it.