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2015 Nissan 200SX - fine bronze in oil drain tin

At 30,000 Klm’s after engine oil change I found a high content of fine bronze in the bottom of the oil drain tin. I am now concerned about a major engine failure occurring.

You should be. Yellow metal usually is used in bearing UNDER layers. If the car is under warranty, get it into the dealer as soon as possible and bring the oil sample. I would also suggest you have an oil analysis service, like Blackstone labs, analyze your oil. They will look at the amount and type of metals and tell you what they mean. Good Luck


I think that warranty coverage on this car is highly unlikely because Nissan has not sold that model since–IIRC–2001 or 2002. Is the OP SURE that his 200SX is of the 2015 model year?

In any event, the presence of bronze particles in the oil is a very ominous sign.

Yes your concern is very much warranted. This is NOT good. It is bearing material as @Mustangman said. In fact I believe the main bearings and rod bearings are the ONLY items that use brass in the bottom end area. Nothing good about this, I am surprised you don’t hear the effects of this… Do you hear any engine knocking or any unusual sounds from the engine? Upon startup, idle or anytime really… Yipes

Not good!

Wearing rod and main bearings.