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2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution - is fuel upgrade kit worth it?

is the fuel upgrade kit worthgetting for my evo

What is a fuel upgrade kit? Is this some aftermarket gadget that promises much more than it delivers and may cause problems?

Why would you think you need it and what IS it? Bigger injectors and pump? E85 kit? What?

It looks like it’s probably something similar to this: MAP EVO X E85 500whp+ (650whp+ 93oct) Fuel Upgrade Kit | 2008-2015 Mit The biggest “benefit” appears to be the ability to use E85. Since the one I linked costs around $1100 I doubt the benefits would outweigh the cost any time soon if ever.

If that’s what he’s looking for… does very little without a tune to make it run on E85 and more boost pressure to use the greater amount of fuel and octane (which the OP didn’t tell us, nor the year, nor the reason, nor really ANYthing at all!) Of course that extra boost is going to stress pistons, rods and head gaskets not to mention the clutch.

Sure, it is worth the money! Go for it!

Please come back and post the pictures of the hole in the engine block when a rod tries a violent escape! :smiley:


The OP told us in the thread title that it’s a 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which has a 2.0 liter turbo i4 as standard equipment. I would hope retuning the engine would be part of the “upgrade,” otherwise why bother? The reason is what’s vague.

fixed that for you, you’re welcome :wink:

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My bad, you are correct…

That is a lot of assumptions on your part including the link you posted for an E85 fuel upgrade kit not in the original post.

Your assumptions are based on your knowledge of cars not the OP’s. Considering the original post was 10 words (2 of them without a space), I won’t assume anything not in evidence.

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Thanks. :wink:

That was the only “upgrade kit” I could find for the OP’s vehicle so it seemed reasonable. Beyond that, I simply said I hoped the OP would do things correctly. You’re correct, of course, that it’s not a given. In any event, we seem to be talking about a solution in search of a problem.


Sometimes we have to assume a lot of stuff to pull more info out of an OP.

Another mindless drive-by posting… :roll_eyes: