2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Lemon

On 09/23/2015 I bought a new Mercedes Benz C-Class vehicle through an official Mercedes agency Venus spa,at Monza City,Three months after the purchasing, the first of several problems have started and I am still having these problems until this moment.
Some of these problems are (High and abnormal consumption of the brake pads, Air condition not working ,breaking of the panoramic roof (the car remained for a whole month for the maintenance procedures), front left headlight, turbine, alternator, the battery was replaced two times, tank, adblue, pump tank float , an electrical disruption followed by strange and unpredictable consequences in the machine performance “low-beam headlights change position by themselves, arrows, … etc”, I had these problems for a continues period of 9 months-the time it tokes untell they fix it in Auto Gabetta an official mercedes benz service-
Moreover, last month due to another new issue, the engine suddenly was out of power and could not exceed 3000 rpm; leaving me in a critical situation facing another car in the opposite direction. At this point, I realized that most probably the quality of the car’s model itself is poor. However, these episodes all together cannot be considered anymore as a misfortune, and all the things mentioned above are documented and can be proved. To be clear enough, I am speaking about a vehicle that does not meet the proposed quality standards.
Afterword, I was forced to be committed to a monthly payment of a Mercedes maintenance contract, otherwise, the cost of repairs would have reached an unacceptable and unaffordable level.
In fact, I have been driving more courtesy cars than my own one. Furthermore, I tried through the Mercedes Benz customer service to refer to the problem asking for their assistance to either change the car or to receive compensation on a New 2019 GLE Class or any kind of solutions. However, Regarding the responsibility of reparation, I received this “amazing” offer after the negotiation between the Venus S P A agency and the main company (I was told that If I want I can buy a new car with an extra discount 5000 Euro and thats all , because nobody can take responsibility for the “unfortunate” car).!!
As I mentioned I have been looking for a solution but without any results. Nevertheless, I still did not hire a lawyer to handle the problem but the situation will drive me to do so quite soon. Unfortunately, I am disappointed that I will be forced to do that, and after 20 years of being a customer of Mercedes Benz I really hope this will not be the last one.

Note:the car still under 2+2 years extended warranty until 23/09/2019 I also have all the documents, invoices and even videos that proof all the problems and procedures.

The following is the vehicle identification number (VIN) WDD2050041R079198

I assume you are not in the U.S. so you will not receive much help here as there are very few regular contributors not us based. Also edit your post and remove the VIN . Have no idea what Light on my case means.

You have what we in the US call a “lemon” That is a car that has LOTS of problems the dealer can’t fix. We have laws in our states that force the dealer to buy the car back if they can’t fix it. You should contact a lawyer in your area that deals with this.

Since you’re in Monza, Italy, we really don’t know what you can do. You might contact a lawyer with automobile claim expertise. Or you could just sell it, take your loss, and buy some other brand.

Have you elevated this problem to Mercedes corporation?

This company is known for doing a lot of over-engineering.Don’t expect them to last 1,000,000 kilometers like in the old days.You probably have something similar to the “Lemon Law” in your country,use it!.