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2015 Mazda CX-5 - Saving gas by making it hot

Now that the oil companies have found the perfect excuse to raise their prices, I am looking for the perfect excuse to lower the gas I use in my car. I live in Texas, where 99.9% of drivers keep their car windows closed due to the heat. Can I reduce my car’s gas consumption by raising the temperature control to a higher setting? My thought is that a higher setting will result in the AC compressor running less frequently, resulting in less strain on the motor and less gas used. Is this wishful thinking on my part?


Wishful thinking. Raising the temp control adds heat back to the cooled dehumidified air. The compressor cycling is caused by refrigerant pressures.

Really? They are down in my state.

Like @old_mopar_guy posted, won’t do anything. The biggest gains are made in how you drive. Switching to low rolling resistance tires can bring the next most significant gains. Some minor gains can be achieved by running 2-4 psi more air pressure in the tires than the placard on the car recommends, and making sure the car has a good alignment with as small a toe value, front and rear as the specs allow.

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