2015 Lexus IS 250 - Oil Leak

For that amount of repair time it must be more than a simple rear differential gasket replacement job. Either the rear differential carrier needs to be removed and bench-repaired, or perhaps the entire rear axle ass’y needs to be replaced. The other inconsistency is the oil leak photo you showed is under the front. The the rear differential is at the rear of the vehicle.

Hmmm. Interesting. I will keep you guys posted when I pick up the car and what the papers say

Sounds like they are resealing the timing chain cover, that is about 15 hours warranty labor time.

So I finally got my car back. The dealership service guy said it was the “front carrier seal” that was leaky and was replaced. He explained to me that it sits where the transmission connects to the oil pan. He said it was a 15$ seal but the labor was 20 hours as they had to pull engine out to get to it. Maybe true maybe not, I am just happy I didn’t have to pay anything. Anyways thank you all for your pitching in and particularly Nevada_545 for pointing to me that I was still covered under warranty and saving me many $$$.