2015 Kia Optima - should be recalled

2015 Shark Fin all the screws are sheared off fell off could have killed someone on the freeway this should be a urgent recall due to safety issues it is defective.

2016s had a TSB on that problem, check with your dealer, your 2015 might be included. Run your VIN through the .gov recall site.

How could a little plastic cover have killed someone?

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Check the door jam plate for the production date. Procedure says range from 9/28/15 to 6/1/16.

I think a shark fin killing someone is being a bit melodramatic unless a motorcyclist catches it between the eyes.

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Perfect reason to always wear a full-face helmet!
70 mph bumble bees, too! :wink:


I think a 3/4 helmet with face shield would do the trick. I preferred the full helmet for two reasons:

  1. I thought it might protect my jaw better if I face planted when the bike went down.

  2. The full helmet is just cooler looking IMO.

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I don’t wear helmets and assume any and all risks. And yes, I’ve been whacked at high speed (70 to 80) by sparrows, meadowlarks, and quite a few June bugs which smart a bit in spite of their size.
Buddy of mine caught a full grown barn owl in the chest one night about 10 o’clock which was a major league whack. Knocked the wind out of him and left a massive chest bruise…

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Learned to keep my mouth closed while riding!


After six years, no manufacturer will isaue a recall for such a minor issue, nor should they.

I wonder if the headlights on a bike might make a difference to the birds? I all my years and miles of driving I have had a gazillion bugs hit my windshield but only three birds that I can recall.

Those antennas are usually broken off by a garage door, I don’t know how you could have broke it on the highway.

That service bulletin is for the plastic cover coming loose, not for a sheared off mounting bolt.

Headlights ON while riding has been a US requirement since about 1981. I never had a bird-strike in those years. Quite a few bug-strikes but I always wore full-face helmets.

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Your family and friends share those risks. Be safe, my friend.

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the bird strikes at night probably happen more to those with loud bikes scaring the birds.

I was riding on a country highway; wide, flat, no trees. I saw a blob hurtling out of the sky towards me. In a few seconds it became clear that it was a seagull. I was concerned that it might hit my chest and knock me off the bike. I would have been a mess after cruising at 60 if that happened. I decided to stay in my lane, drive straight ahead, stand up on the pegs, and lean forward. I figured it it hit me, I want it to strike the crown of my helmet and push me into the pegs. That’s what happened. The gull bounced off and I continued home. Oh, daylight, sun shining, and my headlight was on. None of that mattered of course, since the seagull must have been dead well before it hit me.

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