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2015 Kia Optima - Looking for good

i have a 2015 optima LX 2.4 with 11,000 miles i am also the original owner and have not had any problems as of now, but i must say i am beginning to have second thought about the car after seeing all the problems other owners are having. i have a 1997 GEO metro LSi with 152,000 miles and never had any major problems compared to what i am seeing in these newer cars. one thing for sure i won’t be getting rid it
.thats for sure. i am hoping i don’t have the same fate as other Kia owners…is there any Kia optima owners out there that have had any GOOD experience with the car? i would certainly like to know before i possibly get rid of it.


At less than 3,000 miles per year—do you really need a car at all?

Many of the serious problems Kias have is because people don’t change the oil often enough. You have 11k in 4 years. How many times have you changed your oil?

Hint: The correct answer is at least 4.