2015 Jeep Interceptor - replace the engine?

My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 engine recently gave a message low oil pressure after driving eight miles it started making a lot of noise but never locked up and finally 0 oil pressure. It only has 14,000 miles & always had 5w20 oil changed every 5000 miles. I had it taken to my jeep dealer on a rollback. The service department plans to remove the oil pan & remove a strange substance from the oil pump screen replace the pan & flush with kerosene -drain & add the correct amount of 5w20 oil. Do you think the engine should be “overhauled” or replaced? I enjoy your articles in the AshevilleCitizen Times

After they remove the oil pan they will find enough metal in the bottom to prove that the engine needs to be replaced.

I think you spoke to a desk occupant that doesn’t know what goes on in the shop. Strange substance? Sludge?

If this vehicle has only had 2 oil changes in the last 4 1/2 years and was driven without oil pressure you might be buying an engine.