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2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Misfire after accident

i have a 2015 SRT jeep. it was involved in an accident and was repired. could the accident cause the vehicle to misfire

Yes it could. But that is a wild guess considering you posted absolutely nothing about the accident or the repair.

The car hydroplaned and hit the center dived smacking both left wheels against the curb. It threw all kinds of codes including the traction control and abs lights. After the accident and repair the car had a misfire and never ran properly.

You should have contacted your insurance then . It is probably too late know so if you can’t fix it take it to a shop . Of course you can call your insurance , the worst they can say is that they will not do anything now.

That’s the problem I have contacted the insurance but they’re trying to say it’s a maintenance issues and doesn’t have cover it so I’m looking for some fire power to go back at them. Thank you for your help

Take it in for a diagnosis. Ask the mechanic if it they think it is caused by the curb strike accident. If it hit hard enough, the engine could have moved enough to damage something.

Pay to fix it, save the receipt and the mechanics comments and then make your case with the insurance

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After accepting the repaired car, you probably no longer have any " firepower "