2015 Jeep Cherokee - rubbing sounds after brake job

Recently had brakes and rotors replaced and now there is a rubbing sound when turning at slow speed (5-10 mph). What could be the problem? 50,000 miles

I am guessing it is a scrapping sound like metal on metal. if it is,
there is a dust shield behind the rotor that probably got bent and is slightly hitting the back of the rotor. it justs needs to be pulled back a little from the rotor so it does not hit.


No change to the wheels or tires, right? hmmmm … well, something is obviously amiss. Were all four wheel’s brake parts replaced, or just the front’s pads and rotors?

Take it back to wherever you got the brake job. Say this:

Let the shop that did the work deal with it.


Hmm, makes sense, logical… “BLASPHEMER” That will not be tolerated here :rofl:


Shop did brakes. And we had scrapping sound once in a while. I walked next to car at slow speed and heard sound and saw this clip fluttering. Who knew? Car has fairly open wheel spokes so I could see it buzzing.