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2015 Hyundai Sonata - Keep it above half

Not a question, just a comment in regard to today’s column. My dad always taught us to “keep the top half full”-mainly to keep from stranding ourselves should we run out of gas. I’m 71 now -been driving since I was 14-I’ve always used that good advice. Doesn’t cost any more but gives some security. We were country kids -there werent gas stations on every corner like now.

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We have that rule in my family. Except on long road trips, then we go with 1/8th. I did that so my boys would not run out of gas. They are in their 3rd and 1st year of driving and so far no problems.

I have that rule too except I’m the only one that follows it. By the way, what column? What state? What country? Boston?

When I saw “Hyundai - keep it above half” I thought about the dipstick and the oil level.


I don’t always do this. I’m used to living in the city where there are gas stations everywhere, but when you go out on the highway it can be a different story. I almost ran out of gas once, because I was driving across Texas and there wasn’t a gas station for what seemed like 40 miles. lol

Ha ha ha ha. Guess it doesn’t get 29 below in your city or you’d keep the tank full. Um, there are places where you can go 100 miles between gas stations. Some people think milk comes from the grocery store. Sorry just can’t help it.

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You don’t want to run out gas because, on today’s cars with the electric fuel pump in the gas tank, running out gas can result in a burned up fuel pump.

The gas acts as coolant/lubricant for the fuel pump.


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When I’m traveling, I use the Gas Buddy app on my phone. It is most useful for finding the cheapest gas in any particular area, but it can also be useful for guiding you to unknown gas stations in remote areas. If you haven’t yet downloaded this app, I urge you to do it.

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OK, but take it with a grain of salt. The comments are hilarious. For a local station that is all self-serve, one commenter exclaimed “great service”. Guess they meant they did a great job pumping their own gas. On another only full service station in town they reported friendly staff. Sorry but there are only two old goats that are usually there and a high school kid once in a while. Not unfriendly but not exactly bubbly.

Until I read your comment, I never noticed the comments/reviews.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need gas station attendants who can sing Grand Opera, or tap dance, or do anything other than process my credit card transaction, so whatever else the attendants might do–or not do–at a station is immaterial to me.

I stand by my comment that this app can be useful for locating gas stations in unfamiliar locations while you are traveling, and for finding the best price per gallon among those stations.

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Yeah agree. I just have never had the old goats at the farm store sing to me while I’m getting kerosene. I did apologize to them for making them work when it was really cold but said at least I waited till it was above zero. Still they did not sing to me, which is OK.

Yes, the comments/reviews are immaterial, and this app can be very useful.

That app is useful for finding a cheap price. There is one more regional chain (won’t mention name) that tends to be cheaper but I have routinely had issues with their gas. I don’t know if water is getting in or they don’t use the additives but I notice a reduction in power and mileage from some this place. I tend to like Top Tier gas. The sad thing about this place is that the convenience store/general store part is great and they actually have freshly prepared food I would go out of my way to get when compared to lots of fast food and pizza.

I have bought the Wal-Mart brand many times and never had issues. Sometimes it is like 10 center cheaper.

For the most part, you can probably pick a station based on price, the cleanest restroom, and the nicest convenience store.

Just like some people think gas comes from a gas station. Rubes…

The one thing that I don’t like about Gas Buddy is that they no longer display the Top Tier logo next to their listing of stations that sell Top Tier gas. Luckily, Top Tier is much more widely available than it used to be, but it would be more helpful if Gas Buddy still provided that info.

That could be particularly useful if I’m driving for work. Because they use Valero cards, so unless I want to pay for the gas myself and get reimbursed later (which I don’t really want to do in the gas guzzling van lol) then I can use that app to look for a Valero on the way. I could also use Google maps, but it doesn’t have the other benefits.

I’m sorry but which gas is considered top tier again? Is it the major brands like Exxon, Chevron, Shell, etc? I tried to look it up and I’ve read different things on the subject. I know I wouldn’t trust a gas station that doesn’t say which brand they use. lol

As you can see above, the list of compliant companies has grown a lot over the past few years, and most “major” gasoline retailers are now on the list. Currently, the only “major” brand of gas I can think of that is not compliant is Gulf. And, of course, the “off-brands” are not listed.

I think it’s interesting that Marathon–surely a major brand–is Top Tier compliant, but their lower-priced Speedway stations are not Top Tier compliant.

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That’s interesting to know because there is a grocery store chain here that is not on that list. I was already avoiding getting gas there, because unlike Circle K (which I didn’t see on the list either) they don’t advertise any specific gas brand at their station, so I was already suspicious.