2015 Hyundai Elantra - Rattles and stalls

the engine starts to rattle and stalls. sometimes when i am driving and if i stop like if i am paying a toll it shuts down! its a random thing but annoying. it will start back up usually but its not fun when you are driving on an interstate hwy

Check engine light is not on?

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My wild guess is a bad fuel pump but you really need a good mechanic with hands on.

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If the rpm gets too low you may hear a rattle that otherwise you wouldn’t. That’s just the engine complaining the rpm is too slow for it to idle smoothly. Ask your shop to measure the idle rpm both for the engine cold, and engine at full operating temperature. Common causes for lower than normal idle rpm

  • air/fuel mixture too lean, vacuum leak, low fuel pressure, faulty o2 sensor, engine air filter, etc
  • ignition system problems, spark plugs, spark plug wires etc
  • faulty temperature sensor, coolant temp, ambient air temp etc.