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2015 Honda Pilot - Fuel monitors

I own a 2015 pilot that uses synthetic oil and its computer reports the % oil life left. My 2010 subaru uses regular oil and has no % oil life left feature. Is this feature supported on the Pilot because of the use of synthetic oil or could my Subaru also report %oil life left?

The type of oil has nothing to do with oil life left monitor . Frankly forget that monitor and change by the miles or time in months according to your manual. Also check your oil level on any vehicle on a regular schedule.


A given vehicle was either built with an oil life monitor or it wasn’t. You Subaru wasn’t so it doesn’t matter what kind of oil is in it. In the case of your Pilot pay attention to the oil life monitor but also pay attention to the calendar and the number of miles you’ve driven. Honda recommends every 7500 mi./12 mos., whichever comes first.


To be on the safe side, I change mine around 20%, if yours comes up with “change oil soon” message-don’t delay.
As far as the Subaru, does the owners manual say it has an OLM? If so, it will have the instructions on how to view the OLM status.