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2015 Ford Taurus worn struts

front struts are completely worn out. Was told not to drive it until they were replaced . Brakes gone also . I have driven ford autos since 1990 trade every 2-3 years f150 for me and cars for my wife . I find this to be unusual Never ever had to replace shocks or struts on any auto I have owned. Is this a problem for anyone else or just my car ? this very alarming to me because this is my wife’s daily driver . And know we do not live on dirt road ! Ready to trade but makes me rethink my choice of vehicle for her this car has about 50,000miles and is a 2015. told my sales person that car is only worth 10-11000 dollars, paid 38000 for it 3 years ago. Unacceptable to me . time to change dealers or change car brands ?

Why? The car is 3 years old and you say you’ve only kept them 2-3 years, so you never encountered any issues nor have you ever had to replace shocks.

So first off, WHO says your front struts are worn out? A Ford dealer? Or an auto shop the SELLS struts telling you OEM struts are all worn out at 50K? Make them show you the leaking strut and then feel the oil. If it is thick like motor oil, they are scamming you. strut oil is very thin like ATF but the same color as motor oil. If one isn’t leaking oil heavily, they are most likely just fine.

And yes, cars depreciate. They depreciate the MOST in 3 years and the $10-11K your salesman is quoting is trade-in, not the actual value of the car.

Someone has been changing vehicles every 2 or 3 years since 1990 and just now notices the depreciation factor ?

As for the struts - Get a second opinion.