2015 Ford Fusion 2.0L Turb Issue

Noticeable Issues:

  • White Vapor with acrid smell exits exhaust pipe. It is a constant vapor that doesn’t stop coming until the car… shuts itself off.
  • Not sulfur, coolant, rotten egg-like smell.
  • Dies about 1 minute after running, probably less.
  • No check engine lights.
  • Vehicle temperature stays cold/center. Never hot.
  • Dip stick shows no water in oil. Also looked with a tiny scope into the oil and no water still.
  • When engine does run above a certain speed, runs decently smooth.
  • Doesn’t seem like smoke as it goes away seconds after coming from exhaust pipe.

If the engine does not heat up, you have a bad thermostat. Change that first. That may be causing most of the problem.

Even though the CEL is not on, scan it for codes anyway. Likely there are some preaent

Does the car use any oil? How many quarts per mile on this xxx mile engine in thia 20xx model car… you don’t tell us… and you should.

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I thought I had added the year at first, my fault. It is up now, a 2015 Ford Fusion. The vehicle holds 5.2qt of oil… unluckily unsure about the quarts per mile. Engine has about 135k miles.

The engine holds 5.2 quarts of oil. How much do you have to add between oil changes?