2015 Ford Focus - Shop experience

This is not about a particular car but a question about an experience I had at a body shop after getting repairs on my company leased vehicle after damage I incurred.
So I came out after being given the keys, attempted to start the car and found the battery dead. I went back inside, they brought out a charger and promptly got it running. Said something about the terminals being rusted. No problem. Then I’m getting ready to pull out and the low fuel warning dings. I look at my mileage remaining and it’s at “0.” As in totally empty tank. I go back in again and say I have no gas. They respond that I must have brought it in that way. Uh, no. My company has a policy to fill it up at the halfway mark. Maybe it was less than that but certainly not at empty! They drove it to a local station (because I refused) and filled up the tank Then, the next day when I went to load my work materials in the back of the trunk, I realize my privacy trunk cover is gone. I call them thinking they must still have it and they respond that there was no reason for them to remove it and they don’t have it. Well, it was in there when I dropped it off and now it’s gone. Is this just happenstance or is it three strikes and they’re out? If it’s relevant, the damage was at the gas tank side fender.

Have who ever handles your insurance at your company contact the carrier and let them try and solve this . They are the ones who work with the shop .

Thanks for responding. They actually don’t care because I’m due for a new car this summer. They won’t replace the trunk cover. I was merely wondering if their gas story and “not taking the trunk cover” sounded reasonable. When they do body work, is there a reason to siphon off the gas (and then replace it?) for safety reasons?

There’s a simple answer for all of this . . .

The shop isn’t well organized