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2015 Ford Explorer Sport - Low speed


  • 2015 Ford Explorer Sport
  • 3.5 L V6
  • 6-speed automatic
  • AWD
  • 83k miles


  • Low speed (

Great another cryptic post . Low Speed what ?

Looks like it got cut off.


  • Low speed (<25 mph) grinding/rattling sound when I let off the throttle (pretty sure it’s coming from the driver side front, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that).
  • Noise always happens in neutral, but only in drive when I’m not accelerating.
  • Noise happens whether I’m braking or not.
  • No clicking on turns.
  • Intermittent jerking in reverse. At its worst, vehicle locks up and will not move when in reverse (can’t tell what exactly is locking up, but it’s sudden and hard, not slow and gradual).
  • Shifting is fine going up, but a bit rough going from 2 to 1 and P to R.

What I hope you’ll say:

  • “You’re good man. Those front CV joints and bearings you’re replacing next weekend will solve the problem.”

What I’m afraid you’ll say:

  • “Dude, you’re screwed! You need to replace/rebuild your transmission/transfer case. Too bad you have no idea how to do that.”

Either way, I’m grateful for any responses.

And??? Glad you gave us the particular details about the car, now please tell us what problem you are having.

He did, his second post

I’d say the transfer case is in serious trouble. sounds like the transfer case chain is beating the inside of the case to pieces.

Drain the T-case fluid and look for a shiny silver tint to the oil - that’s bad.