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2015 Ford Escape - battery’s dead, cluster’s inoperable

battery dead instrument cluter inop

Well, the obvious solution is to recharge or replace the battery. Beyond that, you need to find out why the battery is dead. It could simply be at the end of its life, you could have a faulty alternator, or something else could be wrong. A good many auto parts stores will test your battery if you can get it to them. If you have some form of road service, outfits like AAA will test it on site.

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The battery will need to be recharged using a charger if it is really dead. There are things that can go wrong that make it seem the battery is dead but it is really okay. Cleaning the battery connections is always a good idea when having this kind of problem, as a first step in the repair process.

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I think they got it started and cluster is not working. But, I thought kc would win too.

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Defense wins championships, if the two teams had swapped quarterbacks, Tampbay would have won by 50.