2015 Fiat Abarth - False alarm?

I was sitting in stop and go traffic when my engine just shut off and the “High Coolant Temperature” warning light came on. I started the car back up and the temperature gauge on my LCD display indicated everything was normal. No CEL or any other lights. Prior to engine cutoff the temp gauge read once again, normal… I don’t know what i should do. It only has 27,500 miles on it.

I’d take it to a mechanic or the dealer and have it checked out to make sure the fans are running, the coolant level is full and not bubbly.

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I agree with Mustangman. An air pocket in the cooling system can cause an incorrect temperature reading, so you want to rule that out first.

Yeah it hasn’t happened again, i tested the same driving settings last night and did a little troubleshooting. It only went red for about a second. Everything has been normal for the most part. Im taking it to the dealer tomorrow just to get a quick diagnostic on it just in case. Thanks for the ideas.

Mysterious electrical/engine gremlins on a Fiat? I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you…


Right? Fix It Again Tony

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If the temp gauge gets into the red when stopped in traffic and idling, pop the hood & verify the radiator fan is spinning like a banshee. It should be.

Get rid of it while it still runs and is worth something. Just my opinion of course.