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2015 Fiat 500e BATTERY ELECTRIC - Won't break

Big Problem - I’ve had this car for about a year and nothing is wrong with it … it doesn’t need tires or wipers and there is no oil to change … how do I let this car know that I love it?

This is a joke post isn’t it ?

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Only sort of … it is the strangest car owning experience I have ever had in 48 years of owning a fine selection of jalopies. My gut tells me I should be doing something, but there is nothing to do … it is more like a sewing machine … just plug it in and it works.

Wash and wax it.


The car will not return your love. It will only ask for more and more, leave you stranded and rust into oblivion in the end.


Be patient. I am a fan of the brand, but it will ask you to catch up with that love soon!