2015 Chevrolet Trax - Second thoughts

I just bought a used 2015 Chevy Trax with 45,600 miles…I am wondering if i made a good choice. Is this a good , solid, reliable car. How is it in snow?

A little to late for that is it not ? As with all used vehicle purchases only time will tell . As for Snow , just like any front wheel drive vehicle the tires make the difference.

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Just a very quick scan of problems it looks okay. The key though is if the previous owner(s) performed required maintenance., which is a gamble on any used car unless you have access to the maintenance records.
Be sure to read the maintenance section of your owners manual.
Chances are your car is fine.

Thanks, I believe i have to obtain one of those. This car did not come with an owners manual. LOL. I think a lot of the cars they get at auction that have been repoed.

A little effort will find you a free owners manual download on the web.

CR data says average overall reliability. The 2016 and 2017, not as good. The only worse than average system in 2015 was Engine, Major. That could include many things. Best to reduce chances of engine problems by having its maintenance done, according to the manual(s), and make sure it always has enough oil of the right grade.

If you like the car enough to keep it, but not its winter performance, buy 4 real winter tires on steel rims and use those in snow season. Tires do make a diff!

Thanks!! That’s quite helpful!!

Download the owner’s manual and read it. Use google to find the website that tells you if all the safety-related recall work has been done based on the VIN. I think it is a NHTSC website, something like that. A visit to a Chevy dealership will tell you if there’s any other outstanding work needing doing or recommended, again based on the VIN. I think 3-4 year old cars are an excellent value in general, so I expect you did just fine. First thing I’d do in that situation is have my own mechanic do a general inspection. $100-$200, tells you what (if anything) is needing doing immediately, and what can be deferred to later. If there’s no maintenance history, ask the shop to assume nothing has been done and follow the owner’s manual maintenance schedule to see what needs doing immediately. That’ll get you off to a good start and get the maintenance and repair file started, a good thing. Best of luck.

Good news …Awesome!! Thanks!

That will depend largely on whether it is all-wheel drive.

Nope…Just Front wheel…but, i guess it all depends on my tires at that point?

A lady I know has the twin, Buick Encore and loves it. She went from a new BMW to this car FWIW.

I have looked at the CR and the ratings all not that great, but who knows what they mean.

As mentioned, you have bought the car. Maintain it, drive and enjoy it and if it gets to be too expensive, get rid of it. The same could be said even about a Toyota Corolla. You can still end up with a lemon no matter what CR says.

A co-worker has the related Chevy Sonic and has been very happy with it so far, partially because she really likes dealing with out local dealer when it needs service. Winter tires would be a good idea depending on how bad your winter’s get. This last winter we got close to a foot in a week and even the Subaru’s on all seasons were struggling (me included) due to the build up of snow on the roads.