2015 Chevrolet Corvette - Common problems

I experienced the “fluttering” noise. GM dealer discovered the belt tensioner had sprung a leak and required replacement. Seems to be a common issue. Have any other owners seen this?

You might find a few Corvette owners here. With a model-specific problem like this, I’d also check out the Corvette forums.

Apparently it is common enough that GM issued a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin), dated July 16, 2018, for GM repair technicians to help diagnose/remedy a “rattle” or “flutter” noise, heard as a “tick” noise from the driver’s seat, involving 2014-2018 Corvettes.

Not tensioner…
The bulletin states that replacing the tensioner won’t solve the issue. The problem is caused by either the supercharger (LT4) or accessory (serpentine) belt (LT1) jumping and making noise.

…Belt it
To correct the problem on a supercharged Vette a Gates green belt part number K080852HD needs to be installed. On the Vettes without superchargers (only accessory drive belt), a Gates (no green one available) belt, part number DK060650 is the fix.

Hopefully, your car got the Gates belt, too, and that the leaking tensioner was a separate concern.

Still waiting for them to complete the repair. They showed me the belt tensioner and it was leaking oil. I don’t have the supercharged engine, so fingers crossed. I’ll check back after I’ve driven the car for a bit.

Chances are they’re familiar with the TSB I referenced and if you didn’t already have the Gates belt, they’ve put one on it. Besides, there’s a possibility the belt was contaminated with oil, anyhow.

I would make sure that the Gates belt (not GM part) mentioned in the GM TSB is/was installed.


Will do, thank you very much for the input. I started a complaint with GM, so I’ll report back as to whether or not they are going to be willing to participate in this repair.

Okay, verdict is in. I drove the car a little over 20 miles and the noise is gone! One other situation that may be related is squeak that I’ve heard since the car was new. It’s a quick squeak that I here when pulling away from a traffic light, or if I’ve been coasting with the car at idle and then accelerate. I also hear it sometimes when shutting the car off. Beginning to wonder if it’s the belt now.

I did go ahead and ordered the gates belt. $38 total from Rockauto including shipping and tax.