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2015 car sounds like it is dieseling

brought my car to dealer to get it fixed under warranty bc it continues to make noise after I turn it off. It is kind of like a glub-glub-glub sound. they said that it was normal and that I should only need to get it fixed if the sound got louder or started making the sound when the engine was on. Were they just not doing anything bc it is still under warranty and they don’t want to pay for it? Is this a sign that the car was not well taken car of?

The manufacture pays the dealers for warranty repairs.

Were is the sound coming from? Can you point to a location in the engine compartment from were the sound comes from?

Not well taken care of? Does this mean you bought it as a used car?

A glub glub sound to me would normally mean something to do with the cooling system. Maybe coolant being burped out past the radiator cap or something of that nature.Hopefully not a head gasket issue.
Does the engine overheat?

Hi, the sound is coming from the rear passenger side, near the tail pupe

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yes, I just bought the car used w/31,000 miles on it

not that I have noticed

actually I can’t tell if it is running hot because there isn’t a temperature gauge, only a light that comes on when I first start driving that says the engine is cold

Can you get the dealer to tell you what is actually causing the sound?

There is also a warning light to tell you if the engine is running “hot”.
A glance at your Owner’s Manual should show you where that warning light is located. While it needs to be said that, when the “overheat” light shows up on your instrument panel, it is almost too late to save the engine, at least the fact that this light has not yet started to glow should provide some assurance that the engine is not actually overheating.

All of that being said, if you do see the “overheat” light on your instrument panel, that is a signal to pull off the road immediately, and to shut the engine down immediately. A matter of just a few minutes can mean the difference between being able to save your engine vs having to overhaul it.

I just started looking for an add-on water temp gage for my Forester (15), as I have the same problem, just idiot lights. no luck so far.

Any ideas?

I can tell you without a doubt that this is not normal, but I don’t know what it could be. My first guess is that you might have air in your cooling system, which might work itself out but isn’t hard to fix, and they would be willing to fix it for you. Go back and insist that it isn’t normal.

I spoke to the general manager, he said that they did not think that anything was wrong and to show his good faith they would be willing to reimburse me for the cost of another shop to diagnose the problem and if the other shop found something wrong then the dealer would then take it in and repair it…

If the manager lives up to his word that is excellent.

i have a 15’ civic. i can put my ear near the pass rear and see if i hear any odd sounds. could be a fuel system issue? evap purge solenoid or something similar?

I brought it to another shop. At first they told me they couldn’t hear anything. I told them that it was coming from the passenger rear side. that said they put it on the lift and lookedd for loose heat shields or shrouds. They didn’t find any. They said that it was a resonance sound coming from the muffler area of the exhaust and that it was normal operation, no problem found. I sent the dealer an email telling him this and he replied that he would cut me a check on Monday. The 2nd opinion repair shop told me that all 2015 civics do this ( he said this but did not write it on the work order receipt.
Does anybody else’s 2015 Honda civic do this?