2014 Toyota RAV4 - Codes

I have a 2014 Toyota Rav 4 with 40k miles on it. Recently, the check engine light appeared while driving. The error codes I received are PO441 Evap Emmission System Incoorect Purge Flow detected and PO455 Evaporator Emmission System Leak detected (gross leak/no flow). Any thoughts on what to look forI and how to fix? I did check to make sure the gas cap was closed properly.:slight_smile:
Thank you for your time.

Possible causes are;

  • Missing Fuel cap
  • Incorrect fuel filler cap used
  • Fuel filler cap remains open or fails to close
  • Foreign matter caught in fuel filler cap
  • Incorrect fuel tank vacuum relief valve

You might try replacing the gas cap as a next step.

Given that this an emissions issue and those are covered for 8 years and 80K miles, this may be covered under your warranty. A call to the dealer is in order.

Thank you so much Mustangman!
The gas cap seems to be in fine working order and tightened, but I’ll keep that idea as a possibility.

I somehow suspect it’s debris in the Evaporative Emission Control System.