2014 RAM 1500 - Coolant in oil

if you find Coolant in your Oil is it the EGR Cooler Fail or the Oil Cooler Fail? Please don’t ask me if Im sure its not the Oil in the Coolant. I am sure, it is Coolant in the Oil. I need Facts not guesses please.

Without seeing the engine we can only guess.
However, from a class action suit:
Lastly, though FCA has indicated the EGR cooler found in affected models, including the Dodge Ram 1500, is defective in 100 percent of vehicles equipped with the component, dealerships were advised by the defendant that “part supply is extremely limited,” and that the EGR cooler should be replaced only if the part has failed, the suit reads.

The suit also alleges FCA has not yet come up with a permanent fix.

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WE need facts, too. What engine? How many miles? You’ll still get guesses as random folks on the internet cannot see, touch or hear your vehicle to provide you with the “facts” as to the failure.


No offense, but if you want “facts”, take the truck to someone who can actually lay hands on the vehicle.

Otherwise, all we can do over the internet is “guess.”


Fact: no one can examine, observe, or test anything over the internet.
Fact: over the internet you will only get best guesses, see above.
Fact: vehicle needs to go to a mechanic.

And those are the facts.


That’s actually an opinion. I agree with you, but it’s not a fact.

@MaryKRoush, please provide the requested information. According to the NHTSA, the 3.0 eco diesel is the only RAM 1500 affected by the recall. If you have a gasoline engine, the recall does not apply. You can check out recalls, NHTSA investigations, complaints, and manufacturer communications at safercar.gov. Click on the recalls by VIN button and either input your vin or search by year, brand, and model.