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2014 Nissan Versa heat isn't so hot

I find that the heat does not get very hot in winter…the fan blower works great just that heat not as hot as I thin it should be…ever since I bought new 2014

Does your engine temperature gauge indicate normal range?
Though I am leery of using them, you might consider a heated seat that plugs into your twelve volt outlet. Carefully read the reviews!

Hi…Thanks for your reply…although I do not understand what a difference a heated seat would make to heat up the rest of the car.?..The temperature gauge seems to be in the normal range. I have already had the “hoses” re-routed as per dealers advise (did not make much of a difference) . Do you think it could be a heater core problem and if so, how would that be checked out? Also, this problem bothers me enough that I am considering getting a different car (too bad because otherwise I love my Nissan Versa Note hatchback). Thank you for any more feedback that you can give me.

Have you tried replacing the cooling system thermostat?
A defective thermostat that is stuck in the “open” position will result in very poor heat in the cabin.

Hi…thanks for replying again…will be taking car to dealer next week to have them check for proper thermostat…would you happen to know what “temperature” thermostat should be the proper one for winter and can I use same one for summer…I appreciate your input because as a female sometimes we do get the “runaround” at a garage. Thanks so much. P.S. Not sure if this is true but I have heard that there may be some sort of “filter”/“screen” in front of heater, that could be blocking the heat…do you know of anything like that? mind you I have had this “heat” issue since I bought the car new in 2014.

Since it has done it since new either it is the nature of the beast, or something wrong, maybe a blend door not opening properly. There are inexpensive plug into powerpoint car heaters.

I don’t know what temp is specified for your thermostat, but your thermostat isn’t changed seasonally. In some cars they’ll actually last the life of the car.

You may be confusing the 'cabin filter ’ with the heater . If it is clogged it reduces air flow but not temperature. If you had this in while still under warranty the repair should still be made if on record. You did not say what the dealer did in the past .

RE: heated seats, no they will not warm the interior of the car, but might make you more comfortable.

Hi…Many thanks for all your help…you could be right…it could be the “nature of the beast”. I will go to dealer next week and ask them to check thermostat, heater core, cabin filter again ( that has been replaced in the past) and see what else could be the problem. Again, I appreciate all your input regarding my problem. Hope you have a great day. :blush::blush:

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Are both heater hoses hot . . . ?