2014 Nissan Sentra

Curious. When I first start the car and I’m driving then come to a stop I feel engine rumble or shake. It only does it the first time I stop. Car is under warranty but I’m curious as to why it is. Also it doesn’t do it all the time so that’s another problem with bringing it to the dealer. Thanks

This is usually a problem with the idle control if the car runs smoothly otherwise.

Take it back to the dealer and I’m sure they will find the problem.

I will bet $0.25 that they find that it is an inaccurate temperature sensor.

I will bet $0.30 that they are “unable to reproduce the symptom”…


There is a software update to correct this, your dealer should be familiar with this problem.

Classification: EC13-008b
Reference: NTB13-058b
Date: January 27, 2014


This bulletin has been amended to APPLIED VEHICLES. ECM part numbers have been added to Table A. Discard all previous versions of this bulletin.

APPLIED VEHICLE: 2013 and 2014 Sentra (B17)

Thanks a lot Nevada

Good One! I Checked For TSBs, But Didn’t Find Any That Applied.

That’s consistent w/my Corolla too. I’ve bypassed the idle air control temporarily and in that configuration it will do that same symptom at the first stop sign, b/c the idle speed is too low at first, when the engine is cold. It takes a couple minutes to warm up, then it doesn’t do it again.

What I do to prevent it from happening until it is warmed up is just press on the gas pedal a little bit to up the idle rpm. You could try that too OP, while waiting for the proper fix from the dealership.

I’ll go a little off topic . . .

I would be somewhat surprised if a 2014 Nissan still used an idle air control valve

I don’t think even Ford still uses an IAC, and they stuck with them longer than many others

Very true. Cars of the early 90’s seem to have the thermostat type of idle air control; mid-90’s to mid- 2000’s have the electric idle air control; and the newest cars tend to use drive-by-wire electric throttle plates. However that function is performed on the OP’s car, there’s a good chance the symptom is associated with some imperfection or another in it.