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2014 Nissan Altima - Buckled

High temperatures cause food to buckle and the sun roof is separated from roof

I guess you mean ’ Hood ’ not food. What temperatures are you talking about ? Outside in the sun , that is highly unlikely .

Also count me in as a sceptic . . .

I live in the southwest . . . and I don’t see any 5 year old cars with buckled hoods and sunroofs separating from the roof that can be proven to have been caused by high temperatures

Wow, rough neighborhood! Man-made (or woman-made, to be non-gender specific) global warming, no doubt! It can come on quite suddenly… any paint left on this baby or did it scorch it right off?

Area 51 ?..…………


So you’re looking at from a different perspective, I guess . . . ?

You think op meant buckling paint . . . ?

Well, then they should have said buckling paint, instead of buckling hood . . . that’s how I see it

if it is indeed a paint what buckled, I would bet the car was repaired after the accident of some sort and that repair was not properly done

she could have worded it better . . .

The way op worded it, I thought she meant the hood . . . as in the sheet metal itself . . . was buckled

No, but it seems that any time it’s hot enough to damage sheet metal and knock a sunroof out of whack, it’s got to be hot enough to damage paint or set the interior on fire or melt something.

Maybe op lives on a planet which is closer to the sun than ours . . . :alien:

that might explain the extremely high temperatures


I’ve lived in OK for about 50 years. It gets very hot in the summers here and often it’s brutally hot. Temperatures in the 110-115 range and so on.

I have never seen buckled hoods, paint, or dislodged sunroofs due to heat. Cracked dashes and bubbling rear window tint is fairly common.

I suspect there is something going on that the OP is not clarifying correctly or is misunderstanding. Per the usual, more info is always helpful.

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