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2014 Lincoln MKT - Key not detected

2014 MKT “No key detected” Put a new battery in key fob. Car will not start. can lock and unlock doors using fob. Will remote start.

What do I do? Stranded

Usually it is a procedure how to start the car with a dead battery in a key fob.
That might help.
Check your owner manual for exact details.

This was first posted 3 days ago . Chances are we will never find out what they did . But it would be nice to hear if it was solved .

then you have to “mate” the key to your car’s immobilizer system, where a locksmith comes into the picture

you go to locksmith, and he says “it will be $120 to mate a key, no matter if you supply it or I supply it, BUT if your key does not work and I have to use mine, it will be ANOTHER $120”

guess what would be better to do in the first place

the dialog is not imaginary, I had a brilliant idea to save on chipped key blanks, but it did not save me a dime

I had tee same problem replaced batteries NOTHING. I took it to the dealer they said replacement needed .i said on a 4 yo car with 2000 miles i would take my chances!!!Took new batteries out and realized they dont stack ÷_÷_ There is in very small print on the insulater tab how to place them VERY EASY not to see