2014 Lexus GX 460 Shaking when Braking Down Hill

During a recent roadtrip, I noticed my 2014 GX460 shaking for about 3-4 seconds after stepping on a brake downhill. It does stop shaking after 3-4 seconds. Anyone know what the issue maybe?

You have a 7 year old vehicle of unknown mileage so a brake shop can tell you if you need new pads and rotors as that is most likely your problem . Also it is over due for new brake fluid if you have not done that.

Hi Chothomas:
It’s unclear if you feel the shaking in the steering wheel or from the seat and rear of the car.

If you feel the shaking in the steering wheel, the odds are that your front rotors are warped. Else, the rear rotors are likely warped.

Either way, it would be good to get it looked at. New rotors would be the answer if they are warped. And while they have everything apart, any mechanic who is in there would also wisely want to replace pads and any other related worn parts.


I was sitting on the passenger seat and I can feel the vibration. It feels the whole vehicle was vibrating. I should have used the term vibrating instead of shaking.

Can the vibration be felt in the brake pedal?
Warped brake rotors are the likely cause, but it is also possible that the ABS system is kicking in, due to a defect in that system, or due to tires with poor traction.

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Warped front brake rotors, this is a common complaint for the GX460. This is a heavy vehicle and the brake rotors will overheat and warp when braking at highway speeds for extended periods of time.

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