2014 GMC Yukon - Surging RPMs at stoplight

I have a Yukon 2014 SLE 4x4. After accelerating, when I stop at the signal/red light, the RPM needle comes down smoothly but suddenly surges again and I have to hard press the brakes to keep the Car from going forward. Changed the throttle body, engine mounts and regularly serviced at the dealer but still the issue persists.

The car runs fine with no shifting issue. Only at the breaking/stopping time there is an eventual RPM surge and it feels like the car is under pressure to move forward.

Took it to different mechanics. One said reprogram the gear which i didn. The other changed the Throttle body which didn help much excepting costing me money.

Please help.

Sounds like a faulty Idle Air Control valve, assuming it has one.

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It doesn’t have one. This truck is throttle by wire.

Have the mechanic ride with you with his scanner. If he can watch what is happening while this occurs, it will help pin-point the cause. It will cost you a diagnostic fee for the mechanic’s time.