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2014 GMC Sierra 3500 wheels cracked

I have had 3 wheels aluminum crack by valve stem but gmc tells me no one else has had that problem!! Has anyone else ever had this problem?

Sometimes a wheel can be damaged by improper lug nut tightening when the wheel is installed on the truck. Try to find a shop that will install wheels using a manual torque wrench, hand tightening the lug nuts in 3 rounds following the recommended sequence, rather than a torque stick or impact wrench.

I don’t see any TSB’s directly related to cracks by the valve stems, however these bulletins might be of interest.

18-03-10-006F: Tire goes flat due to wheel corrosion
05-03-10-003: wheel porosity
08-03-10-004: tire mounting procedures

It’s not over tightening of the lug nuts.

The valve stems are nowhere near the lug nuts.

What size wheels?


Is the crack in the alloy itself?