2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Where is my oil going?

I own a 2014 GMS Sierra with the V-6 engine, Auto tranny and 4W drive. I perform an oil change as recommended at each interval the oil gauge recommends. Usually with at least 10% usage remaining. Why doesn’t the oil add up to the 6 quarts I put in at the last oil change. Also sometimes I get a warning the oil is low well before I am supposed to change it.
The GMC Service Department told me the GM Service Manual states that a vehicle can lose 1 qt of oil for every 1000 miles and be within spec. I find this very hard to believe. I recall the days of the Chevy Vega when they were putting in 3 qts every 4 days so I’m quite concerned.
Thank you.

So you never check your oil between changes? You are killing this truck. If you keep ignoring oil level checks, save up your money, you’ll need a new engine soon!

Engines use oil, ALL of them. Some a lot, some a little. The ONLY way to tell how much it is using is to check your oil, add as necessary and note how many miles you drive before you need another quart. If Chevy says a quart in 1000 miles is OK (I disagree, too much!) you’d better be checking the oil level every 500 miles at least.

I don’t understand the question. The truck takes 6 quarts and you drain out less than 6 when you change oil. See my last paragraph.

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2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Where is my oil going?

If it’s not leaking it’s going out the tailpipe.

So how many miles is it between changes?

As mentioned, it doesn’t sound like you’re checking the oil level. Running the engine oil chronically low just degrades the existing oil even more and can lead to oil consumption problems.

The 4.3 in my Sonoma at 130k miles does not use a noticeable amount of oil at all but then again I change the oil every 3500 miles and have the service records from the previous owner and he changed the oil roughly every 3500 miles since day one.
I also check the oil level every other week.