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2014 Ford Ranger electrical problem

When stuck in traffic the speedometer goes all the way to the right(max) and
then it seems like there is an airlock. Pressing down the accelerator does
nothing and the refs don’t go up. It lasts for a few minutes then back to normal.
It seems like there is a spike in electrical power. What could it be? Ford Ranger
2.2 2014

Could you give a better description but I think your transmission or clutch is going out. Also where are you because 2011 was the last year for the Ford Ranger here in the US .

I am in Thailand. The truck only has about 16000km on it.

sounds like an electrical problem . . .

bad speed sensor

bad cluster . . . for example the motor which actually drives the speedometer

Thanks. What could be the problem be with the accelerator pedal not being responsive after this happens. Pressing it down but nothing happens. The truck is still able to idle. Everything back to normal after a couple of minutes?