2014 Dodge Avenger - Oil change hurt my AC

Had oil filter housing changed and now my a/c doesn’t have the force or coolness it had prior to me taking in. Something happened when they put car back together because air worked great before dealer repaired oil filter housing.

When you turn the AC to " on" fans in the engine compartment, usually in the radiator area, should start spinning. If they don’t spin, the AC won’t work correctly. AC moves heat from the passenger compartment to the engine compartment, where it must be dissipated by the fans. First step, ask your shop to check if the engine compartments fans are spinning when they should. Keep a weather eye on the engine coolant temperature too, especially during stop & go driving & long idles, until this is resolved.

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Might be a coincidence, or it might not. The first step is to take it back to the dealer.