2014 Chevy Cruze Engine light issue

Hello everyone,

I am a new member of this group, and I am a new driver; I got my license back in November, and was given my mothers car-a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze. I use it to drive to church, go to a bookstore I frequent often, and to College, but I have had an issue that has constantly been showing up since late January of this year.

It was back in late January, I was getting ready to go to school, It was snowing, and cold. I got in the car, turned the keys on, and all of sudden, the car begins to rumble and rattle. The engine light came on, and I was going to be late; I thought maybe it might just be from the cold weather, so I backed the car out. I was thinking about winging it all the way to school, but I decided to drive it around the block, and when I did, the car would not accelerate like it normally did. So, I drove it home, parked it, and had to take it to the local Chevy dealership where my mom bought it from. The mechanics looked at it, and said a rodent chewed on some wiring, and they would fix it. I got it back about a week later; it worked fine for the most part, but then the engine light comes on a second time. The rattling and rumbling went away, but the engine light continually kept coming on. This has happened now 6 times, and each time I go back, they fix it, only for it to come back. I went and I got stuff to keep rodents away from the car, and I don’t believe it is a rodent issue.

The engine light came on again a week ago, I took it in, and the head of the auto repair said he was going to examine it thoroughly. He told me he looked, and examined everything, and nothing was wrong. They test drove it and nothing was wrong. I got it back Two days ago, and I test drove it for about 15 minutes, and had no issues. Then I have to go to out and drop some books off several hours later. I drive it halfway to the library, and there’s no issue, and then all of a sudden the engine light is on again. I am supposed to take it in on Monday to get it looked at again. I decided to join this forum, and maybe hear from some mechanics who might know the issue. One other thing of note, is that I get a Stabilitrack notification sometimes when I am driving, and the traction control light comes on.

This car is a relatively new car, and I know that has some type of computer built in it, which is common in new cars. I am thinking it may possibly be a defect that hasn’t been found or the computer within the car is either damaged or needs to be replaced. does anybody here know what I should do? or have any advice?

Thank you

To provide some useful feedback, you need to post the engine check light code. Take it to advanced auto parts or autozone and they will retrieve the code.

I have the code from when they last tested it, it is p0171.

P0171 has nothing to do with rodents. Take a look at this and go from there…


It’s possible the critters chewed on one or more vacuum lines in addition to wiring. That would produce a vacuum leak. If true, it’s surprising the dealer’s shop wouldn’t have found and corrected it by now.