2014 Chevrolet Cruze battery drain

My battery keeps dying for no apparent reason. I took it to have the battery tested and was told that something in the car is still on and draining my battery, has anyone else had this some problem and if so what was the problem?

You were told what the problem is. Some accessory is draining the battery. Why didn’t you have the same person who told you this search for which accessory that is? It is a simple procedure. Set up an ammeter between the ground and battery and pull each fuse until you find the draw.

Do you have an aftermarket radio? Or alarm system? Those are always suspect.

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Doesn’t matter what someone else had as a problem. A good shop can find what is draining your battery.

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This is a common problem reported here. Not on the Cruz specifically, happens on many types of cars. Especially cars with a lot of electronic gizmos; i.e. most newer cars. Besides Mustang’s advice above about the aftermarket radios and alarms being a common culprit, as a first check, make sure no hidden light bulbs remain on when the car is parked over-night, such as inside the glove compartment, under the hood, in the trunk, etc. Also check that the door ajar dash light isn’t on, due to a faulty door switch. Beyond that the standard method is to monitor the current draw on the battery while disconnecting fuses to narrow down which circuit is causing the current draw.

A faulty alternator can cause this problem too.