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2014 BMW 128 - can I use regular gas?

can I use regular gas in my 2014 BMW 228I without problems? Its a 228i but not listed in your drop down menu??

If the owners manual or the sticker inside the fuel door says “Premium Fuel Only” then no, you can’t use regular. If it says “Premium Fuel Recommended” then yes you can use regular. Easy.

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Check the fuel fill door to see what it says.

Inside the fuel fill door on my wife’s 2013 328i, it says “Premium Fuel, 89 octane minimum” (around here, 89 is actually ‘midgrade’). The wifemobile has a naturally aspirated 6 cyl engine while you have a different engine. Yours is a 4 cyl engine with a turbocharger.

My experience with BMWs is that my two 1997 328s would burn anything you put in them. They just retarded the timing and ran smoothly with regular fuel (albiet with slightly less power).

My two 2004 BMWs were more particular. If I put regular or midgrade in them, they kept trying to readjust back to normal timing every time there was no load, and then pinging for a split second and adjusting back whenever I accelerated. I therefore settled on premium.

In the 2013 328i, the wife has never used anything but premium.

If you drive a BMW, the cost of fuel is the least of your worries.

If you are thinking of pinching pennies on the fuel cost, you really should reconsider owning a BWM. the cost of BMW ownership only skyrockets from there.

Page 107 of the owner’s manual states that 91AKI is highly recommended, but gasoline with an AKI as low as 87 is acceptable. So, yes, you can use regular gasoline if you want to. The manual also says that you may hear knock on hot starts, but it will not damage the engine.

“owner’s manual states that 91AKI is highly recommended”
given that, you may get reduced MPG with regular, which would negate any savings. I’d stick with 91 or higher.