2014 Audi Cabriolet - Should I charge the battery when away?

I have a 2014 Audi A5 Cabriolet that I leave in Florida year-round . I migrate to Minnesota for the summer months (Jun-Sep). The car is garaged. Sound I “trickle charge” the battery?
And…Is it harmful to the tires to be in contact with garage floor for that length of time or should I put on car-jacks?




My parents have been doing the migration for over a decade with many brands of cars. They remove the negative terminal and put a rubber glove over it. When they return, they reconnect the battery, and it almost always starts up. That works in both Fl and Mass. If the battery does suffer some premature failure, batteries are not that expensive, and AAA will gladly come to help you if it doesn’t start up upon your return if you are a member. Just offering our experience.


I’ve used a ‘Battery Tender’ brand, not just a trickle charger, you want it to keep from overcharging.

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Don’t use a trickle charger, use a battery maintainer instead.

If you were storing the vehicle for over a year, then you would want to place the vehicle on jack stands to keep the tire off the ground.

Otherwise, not necessary.


Use a battery maintainer and add fuel stabilizer.

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Any constant charge Voltage higher than 13.4 Volts is bad and will do more harm than just disconnecting it.

A regular charger on a timer that comes on 15 minutes per day should do fine.

Or use something expressly designed for this exact situation, like a battery tender.

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