2013 vs 2016 Ford F-150?

Hello y’all. One of my friends asked me for advice and I couldn’t give him a honest opinion so I thought I’d turn to you guys for advice. My friend is wanting a ford truck. He is set on the Ford. He wants a 5.0 with 4WD and Crewcab. So he has found two he likes and the price is just a couple thousand of bucks difference. One is a 2013 with 73k miles. And the other one is a 2016 with 90k miles. Naturally the 2016 is higher in price. We were wondering if we should go ahead and go with the newer one? Is it more expensive to repair with the aluminum body on the 2016? Or is the 2013 just a bit too older but cheaper? And lower miles? Both trucks has the same engine and transmission.

Thanks for your opinions. Much appreciated, folks.

The decision is really more driven by the individual vehicles. Maintenance and use over the years is crucial. If one was maintained by the book and driven as a car, with occasional light truck work, and the other was hauling a road grader every day, which would you buy? That would be easy.

If there’s an important feature of one year over the other, or a known flaw, I don’t know. I do know that in used vehicles condition is king.

He will have full coverage insurance so the repair cost is only going to be the deductible if the accident is his fault.
Neither one is a better choice , just which one he likes best .

Edit: It only took one time years ago that I learned giving advice or thoughts to someone looking at vehicles was a no win situation .

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They are different generations. One of the big changes is the aluminum body in the 13th generation. The 12th generation was the last for the steel body. The drive train appears to be the same, 5L engine with the 6R80 transmission. Pick the one in the best condition and get a prepurchase inspection. If you still like it, think about making an offer. Trim level and options might be important.


I’d hate to recommend one, then it has an unexpected problem. Tell him to get them checked, pick the one he likes.

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If either one has had the throttle body replaced recently that would be the safer bet. Same complaint with the 2013 as the 2016. May be covered by an extended warranty but you’d need to confirm.

The 2016 is 3 years newer, and the difference in price is minimal. I have a 2015 with the aluminum body and here in the northeast, with all the salt on the roads, the body panels still look like new. The 2016 looks like the best bet, even with the higher miles.

Curious what the issues with the throttle body is? Only on the 5.0?

It depends on how much he drives a year and where he lives. If he drives a lot, get the one with the lower mileage, if he drives a little and lives in the rust belt, get the newer one because rust will kill it before the engine goes. If he lives where rust is not a problem, get the one he likes best.

It seems to be across the board, ecoboost or 5.0. The engine goes into limp mode and some have almost had accidents when the truck suddenly slows down. Enough reports that there is an extended warranty but only for specific vin’s. Not for the 5.0 but it explains the issue.

Mr. Oldtimer is not the person needing help. Also this is about used Ford F150 truck so your link does not apply . Also someone might flag it as Spam.

My opinion is that if you live somewhere that rust is not a problem, I’d look at the 1997-2004 generation instead. A truck this old will cost a lot less to buy, even with low miles, and offer many great features that don’t exist today, such as a comfortable and intuitive interior, reliable powertrain, and being just the right size for what most people need a truck for. This model offers decent safety features compared to previous generations, but still provides the simplicity which most people want in a truck.

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