2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in - Clicking When Cold/No Start?

After I parked the car for the night next morning I hear a sound and then the sound turn into a clicking sound . I push the starting bottom tnen the noise turn into a low himm but not started I shut it off and as I got out the clicking went on again I went to the fuse box and disconnect the white wire and the clicking stop but it don’t start and the battery is dead, what may be the problem?

What kind of sound?

What white wire? And why did you disconnect it?

The starter battery or the hybrid battery? Did you try and jump start it? Did it start?

With a complicated car like this and the very limited info you posted the list is almost endless. If you are going to fix this yourself, I’d say don’t. But if you’d like to try, we need a lot more information.

Thank you for your response . It was the 12 v battery drain out due to a fan speed switch got stuck and if that happen the AC stays on. I got a buster and Avery thing is ok. Great car.

At six years old, it might be due for a new battery. I’d get it tested.